Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nadi Astrology Centre (Predictions)

Predicting my future, the astrologer of Nadi Astrology Centre said “Your ascendant is Sagittarius.”
“No.” I said.
“See here the number nine written on the bottom left corner which means that your ascendant is Sagittarius.”
“Aren’t your Mercury and Venus in the zodiac sign Sagittarius?”
“Yes. They are. But….”
“Aren’t your Moon and Ketu in Aries, Jupiter in Taurus, Saturn in Cancer, Rahu in Libra?”
“Yes. But….”
“Aren’t your Sun and Mars in Scorpio?”
“Yes. But my ascendant is Scorpio and not Sagittarius. I know ASTROLOGY.” I said confidently.
The face expressions of astrologer changed. He took out the pen from his pocket and corrected his mistake with his initials on it.

What would be appropriate for him, paying the fees calmly or a slap for cheating me, not finding my leaf, not predicting through leaf but posing as these are all genuine leaf predictions and not only this but while predicting like an ordinary astrologer with date and time of my birth making a blunder mistake?


  1. oh ho are chodho... kyun uske roji roti pe laat maarni hai.. let him be just pay him .. koi asees hi dega na :)

    let it be we find such people everywehre its there occupation and profession ..
    let it be

    Bikram's blog

  2. People like him only make others distrust even good astrologers.

  3. Don't slap him. Pay his fee. Since u know astrology, there is a possibility of the existence of Nadi astrology also. The only thing was that he was a learner of the art.

    and well...another post for you in my blog..

  4. Reminds me of Astrologers Day...written by RK Narayan !!


  5. Astrology is very true but no one knows it to perfection & those who know it don't make it a business....

  6. I had been to a nadi astrologer once. The person based his reading on my date and time of birth. He didn't speak much about the past, but every prediction of the future events is falling perfectly into the time frame(I followed some of his advices diligently) as given by him. This guy didn't charge me much, but only MYR50 (approximately, INR500).

    It is just another branch of knowledge and not many genuine ones left to decipher nadi with highest proficiency. The rishis didn't leave us with a bunch of predictions, but refined knowledge that if followed well can be a guiding force in our life.

    In your case, you should train him to become proficient in this art:) God bless.

  7. thanks for sharing info.
    its good that you understood him and his knowledge before he robbed you more.

  8. while such astro visits are very interesting, beware of fakes.. and even if they seem good, i take everything said with a pinch of salt..

  9. Better don't go to such ppl.. It again makes us confused.. and its very obvious they cheat ppl..

  10. astrology is an interesting subject! am glad that you know it!! cool!

  11. Chandrika,

    I do believe that there is something in planets position at the time of birth and all but predictions for future are mostly vague.

    Take care

  12. my question is how come u beleive these superstitous things like nadi astrology... most of the things are crap...
    one thing i came to know from hte post is that u r from tamil nadu...

  13. It's as with all professions - one can expect that the professional knows his trade. If he makes beginner's mistakes, tell and leave: This is not what you are entitled to expect. No matter what, it should be done professional.

    Or with love.

  14. Very rarely we come across good, sincere astrologers. Rest of them are all fakes. Good, you found out about his blunders.

  15. Ancient Hindu astrologers were very accurate. Don't know about the ones that exist today.