Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Relaxing game!

“Enough of work! Let’s play a game.” Mr. ‘H’ suggested.
“Game?!? I have to work. Lots of work is yet to be done.” I said.
“It is game to relax mind. After playing it you will be able to work better.” He took a white paper to draw a star with ten points. He put the nine coins on each point mentioned except on No.8. “You have to remove a coin by jumping another coin over it along one of the lines. The position you jump to, beyond the coin, must be empty.”
“That’s tricky!”
“You have to remove all but one of the coins from the star.”
“Any clue how to begin?”
“Coin at position No. 5 jumps No.7 which I remove and rests at No.8. There is one more condition especially for you that you can’t take the help of your blogger friends.”

Do you think it is an easy game and I did it before publishing or it is a difficult game and I genuinely need my blogger friend’s help?