Friday, September 30, 2011

The worst observer, ME!

“You have observed nothing, Chandrika. You have applied for this post last year and what have you observed since then? NOTHING!!” A senior person of the company discouraged me while interviewing. The other two young persons seemed to be impressed with my work.
Ya, may be I have not observed up to his expectations. As I is a keen observer how can I miss to see that senior person opened the container of Pan Parag, put some in his mouth while speaking. “You are the worst observer I have ever seen in my life!”

Do you think one can chew tobacco in office or is it prohibited?


  1. very well said..
    nothin as bad as that... taking tobacco in publically specially talking to a women.

  2. "taking tobacco in public specially in a company of a women..."
    The sentence was grammatically wrong.
    sorry abt that!

  3. I think this man is pretty rude.

  4. Chandrika,

    He was not only ill mannered but vain too.

    Take care