Friday, April 19, 2013


"I will receive a free book to write review of it." I told my blogger friend.
"A couple of months back I received a purse of course free for which I had to write a review. On opening the packet I found that it's color was faded from many places. As I lifted it, it's handle broke. I thought atleast I could use it to keep important papers, some jewellery in it even if I couldn't take it outside. My this dream crashed as the zip became non functional on first time use. I was in a turmoil what to write in review as there was nothing positive to write about and writing negative were again that company's policy. I would only say 'Be careful with the word 'FREE'." My friend told this story.

Should I accept the offer for 'Free' products or no?


  1. I think the Americans say that "there is no such thing like a free meal".
    We here say "Umsonst ist der Tod - und der kostet das Leben".

    I would try the books, but only if I would be allowed to choose, because I found it hard to read and review something I do not want to read just to have it sitting on my (already overflowing) book shelves. I think this "keep it but write a review" is filed under "outsourcing" - let the customer do the work ...

  2. There are no freebies in this world . Even the fresh air to breathe comes at a price..

  3. Chandrika,

    You should give a frank and honest review that this is useless.

    Take care

    PS : Caught up with all pending posts after 04 Feb 2013 and left comments on each.