Wednesday, July 17, 2013

8 Liters?

Brain Teaser, a site on facebook shared a link which asks this question.

You have two buckets of 11liter and 6liter.
How can you measure exactly 8liter ?

I replied - Fill 11liter bucket. Pour it in 6 liter bucket. 5 liter remains in 11 liter bucket. Empty 6 liter bucket and pour 5 liters in it. Fill 11 liter bucket and pour 1 liter in 5 liters to complete 6 liters. 10 liters remain in 11 liter bucket. Throw 6 liters and fill it again with 10 liters. 4 liters remain in big bucket. Throw away 6 liters n pour 4 liters in it. Fill big bucket and pour 2 liters in it. Only 9 liters are left in big bucket. Throw away 6 liters n fill it again so that only 3 liters are left in big bucket. Shift them in small bucket. Fill big bucket again and pour 3 liters in small bucket to complete 6 liters and now only 8 liters r left in big bucket. Sigh! Easy solution- Go to market buy another 8 liter measure by selling 11 liter and 6 liter buckets! ;)

Do u like difficult or easy solution? ;)

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