Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hurt by snake and human being

I read somewhere on net

If a snake bites an individual he never gets angry with the snake (even if it is a poisonous snake and has potential to kill that person.) They never have a bitter feelings towards that snake. Why? because that individual accepts that it is the nature of the snake to bite and may be kill too.

Our relationship with other individuals is always different though. Everyone gets hurt deeply with few words if they are unacceptable. Those words destroy several days of our life. The memory of those words stays in mind forever.

Why it happens so? Because we can accept a snake can kill, but we cannot accept a person can hurt with words. We have a different set of expectations from people and snake.

Dear readers what do you think is it easy or difficult to practice this philosophy in life?

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  1. A snake does what it is meant for - it bites.
    A human being can select what s(he is doing, can deceide whether to bite or not.
    I expect a fellow human to act as human, not as animal. Normally it works, but there are exceptions.