Thursday, December 25, 2014

Diet plan for earth worms

"In my flower pot a earth worm came in manure or along with some nursery plant from nursery. Now it has multiplied itself and given so many babies." I said.
"Wow! That's nice! Feed them red worms." Mrs. 'P' said.
"From where I can get the red worms?"
"I do not know but red worms are the best food for them. You can give grind-ed egg shell to them."
"I do not eat eggs. I have to ask some friend of mine."
"You can give tea leaves to them after preparing tea. But don't forget to wash them."
"I don't drink tea. I will ask my neighbors may be they are generous to give tea leaves for the earthworms."
"Sweet, spicy food and milk products should not be given to them." She instructed me further.
"I was thinking of giving vegetable peels to them."
"Ya. That's good for them."
"But I am bit confused whether I should give them vegetable peels in breakfast, lunch or dinner. Won't it be better if I make a diet plan for them?" I asked wittily.


  1. jokes apart.. this was really a sweet post.. a kind that attracts me easily. what i would advice is that if u do not want to let go of the nonviolent (vegetarian) spirit in u, u need not feed another worm or get eggs..earthworms enjoy any vegetable food waste, fruit scraps, filters etc..
    PS: I'm an insect/worm lover

  2. Thanks Dhwani for the suggestion! :) I am also a nature loving person. I have poisonous centipede in my balcony garden along with earthworms, snails, ants and other small millipedes. ;)