Thursday, December 18, 2014

Green Tikkis with green chutney

I updated this photo on my Facebook. 
Mrs. 'N' commented - Looks yummy! Write the recipe also.
I said - The main ingredient is leftover hotchpotch. Do you still want to know its recipe?
Mrs. 'N' commented - Hahaha......Lovely. It is the magic of your hands. In our region, naulakkha kabab is made with the left over of nine days.
I said - Sounds interesting. I will try it some day. The recipe of green tikki is as follows:-
Ingredients : 3 cups of left over hotchpotch
3-4 slice (Bread crumbs)
One small piece grated ginger
1/3 katori boiled peas
1/2 katori chopped coriander leaves
Coriander powder, red chilli, black pepper and salt to taste
Method : Mix them well to make dough. Grated cheese and mashed boiled potatoes are optional which can be added in the dough. You can add extra breadcrumbs to get the desired consistency. Make round balls,swallow fry them. Flatten them on tava by gently pressing them. Garnish them with chopped tomatoes, boiled chickpeas, curd and green coriander chutney. Serve hot.

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