Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A fan of Sunny Leone

“What is your name?” I asked a kid who was playing alone.
“My name is ------------  ------------.” He replied.
“Sorry, I didn’t get it.”
He spoke horribly unclear that I couldn’t make out what he was trying to say. He told me his name at least 8 times before I could decipher his full name was Manan Gupta.
“In which school do you read?” I asked.
After he repeated the name of his school twice I could only understand that he was speaking three words and first word is Kamla. On five times more repetition I could make out that third word is Academy. Now the riddle was to solve the second word of the jumble. I guessed as school which turned out to be wrong. Then I guessed kids and bingo! Now, I could decipher his complete name of school.
“I can sing a song if you make a video of mine.” Looking at my newly bought mobile he said.
“Ya, sure! Go ahead.”
This is what he sings and I couldn’t make out what he was singing.

I asked him to repeat. This time I could understand only one word as ‘Chaar’ meaning 4. When I decipher the song what he was singing I burst out laughing thinking that he is big fan of Sunny Leone.

Dear readers, after seeing these videos you can very well guess how difficult it must be for me to decode what he was saying as well as singing! :)

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