Saturday, November 21, 2015

Unzipping the jeans

I was paying the bill of track suit and socks that I purchased from a reputed store of one of the esteemed malls. The cashier was taking more time in doing all the necessary formalities. To pass the time I looked around. I found a cute chubby kid standing near a male mannequin and keenly observing it. He raised his hand towards the zip of the jeans that mannequin was wearing. His hands were small couldn't reach there. He raised his ankles and balance his body on the toes. Now, his hand could easily reach the zip. To my surprise, he opened the zip. He made a face. Disappointment could be clearly seen on the little face on finding 'Nothing' inside! 


  1. He must have seen someone doing this at home 0r nobody ..specially parents said its obnoxious.. To do this ..
    Respect n etiquettes comes from home !🙂

  2. Thanks harman singh for commenting after such a long time! :)
    Well said.