Tuesday, January 24, 2017


"Today my teacher told me a story." My little cousin told me.
"Great. What was the story about?" I asked.
"It was about the goat and other animals. My teacher told me to learn more about the animal that looked like a pig."
"You know about pig and goat."
"It was a new animal which I had not seen before. It had white and black stripes."
I showed the picture of zebra and asked, "Was it zebra?"
"No. It was small in size like pig and has pointed face."
I searched the animals with black and white stripes on interent. While surfing, I found an animal which looked like a pig and had black face and white body.
"Is this animal about which your teacher told about."
"Yup." He exicitedly said.
"This is Tapir."
"Yes, tapir, tapir."
"Tapir was a new anilmal for me too." I thought. "While teaching him, I am also learning new things with him."

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