Friday, February 3, 2017

Best b’day gift at Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi

This year I wanted to celebrate my b’day in a different way! I want to be alone. Neither with my family nor with my friends but with myself. To experience inner silence unlike others who went to ashrams or in forests near a lake or a river, I booked a suite in luxury hotel in Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi. It was quite expensive somewhat out of budget but I did not mind spending lavishly occasionally, especially if it was my b’day and I wished to celebrate it in a unusual way!

As soon as I entered Sheraton Hotel, Delhi I was mesmerised with the beautiful ambience. It was illuminating as if the stars came down on the earth to reside permanently in Sheraton Hotel. Crazy me, forgetting about the rest of the world, started clicking photos.

I clicked my photos from every angle, not missing a single niche of a hotel. If you have many photos to upload on Facebook and Instagram what else, you can wish! ;)

I felt tired; I retired to suite to take rest physically and mentally. Unpacking my bag, I realised that I forgot to bring my slippers. I turned to call the reception then I glanced at a pair of beautiful white slippers lying on the doormat of bathroom. The luxury hotels take care of guests tiniest needs.

Sitting on the comfortable chair, I closed my eyes and experienced the inner peace like never before! It was beyond the description of words!! Bliss!!!

Next day, I have to check out. At the reception, in the line to hand over the keys there was one foreigner in front of me. Waiting for my turn, I adjusted my dupatta on the shoulder. While doing so, my hand touched my ear. Oh my God! I forgot my earrings that my granny gave me. I rushed back to the room in search of them. I found them on the side table. I looked into the mirror and wore them. I took a look of the room again to confirm that I am not forgetting anything else here. I closed the room and walked towards the reception.

When I was walking through the passage, I saw Karishma Kapoor, great Bollywood star coming out of a meeting hall. She was wearing long cream top with crimson red skirt. Her hair was plaited and she was smiling. I hesitantly requested for a click with her. She agreed. I had a selfie with Karishma Kapoor one of my favourite Bollywood stars.

It was the best b’day gift I ever had! :)

That photo is still enhancing the elegance of my drawing room! :)

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