Monday, February 13, 2017

Blue-green river

Soon after the monsoon showers, water in the river was flowing swiftly making it muddy and dirty. At the curve of the river, the river was quite deep and water was very clear. Surprisingly, it was not muddy. It was clean. It was clear. It was calm. It was serene. It was blue-green in colour.

I was watching the gently flow of water and enjoying the soul uplifting moment. I was so immersed in tranquillity that I forgot about the rest of the world. Honk of a horn brought me back in the reality. I turned to saw which vehicle was it. And found two staring eyes!

The colour of eyes was same as that of the river Bhagrathi. Blue-green! The eyes were transparent, pure and serene just like river water. These days, like muddy water there is so much dishonesty and trickery in the eyes of the people. But these gentle eyes did not have a tinge of deceptiveness. In the twinkling drops of blue-green dew, innocence and purity could be observed clearly - as pure as freshly melted snow! The truthful eyes were so transparent that the reflection of his soul could be seen in those eyes.

My heart said, “Who will not have unconditional love for those eyes? Never changing emotions for those lustrous gems?”

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