Thursday, May 20, 2010


“Ya. You can come today, anytime.” On mobile, a young entrepreneur said to a staff member of Internet Company. While putting the phone down, his other hand gave the thumbs up. The young guy was starting a new venture at Gurgaon and wanted some Vastu help from me.

He told me, “You know Chandrika, we were handicap without any internet connection.”

Do you agree or disagree with the statement?


  1. Yes! Totally, life has taken a 180 degree turn after the advent of the internet.

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  2. I mean, Chandrika, not really handicap, but yes you will have to forcibly make people gulp your creations..if blogging on internet is not available your own and their peril.. trust me your postings are absolutely brain ticklers...

  3. Well... it sure does help :)

    handicap... yes, only if your competition has it and you dont :)

  4. I totally agree with the line dear,,, here without internet connection feels like standing alone in the dark forest...Internet is like our food nowadays.

  5. yeah it is a handicap now, cause we have got so used to it.. I remember when i was in india there was nothing called internet..i was learning to use Dbase or word star... and Now i read the news online .. so it is a handicap for sure...

  6. totally agree with u on this point :)..


  7. Yes, absolutely. There is "before" and "after". After the arrive of the internet one has to take part and is severely in disadvantage without. But there is a "before" too - and still is: Some areas of the world are not connected. Looking at a visitor map of my blog there is no Africa and no Russia, but all other parts of the world.

  8. I agree that without it you are at a disadvantage. Without it you appear to be in the dark disabled no but at a disadvantage. take care, good discussion.

  9. Completely, internet has become sort of a lifeline!

  10. Yes.Agree..

    doesn't it any explanation..!)

  11. We were not really handicapped without an internet connection....but with it, we sure have mutated

  12. definitely a handicap. With the internet one is a citizen of the world.

  13. Sorry ,,.. I didnt get it .. what does 'Vastu' have to do with internet ?

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  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog.I do hope you come by again.I think you have a nice blog too.regarding your post,I think he is absolutely right,we just cannot do without the Internet,and we want it to work faster and faster.

  16. Agree...we've become so dependent on inet...i cannot imagine life without it now. Life was so difft a few years without mobile does seem impossible too.

    And yes thanks for visiting my blog and your comments...I like the way you write small incidents and ask for user's opinion in your blogs.

  17. Chandrika,

    Read pending 4 posts now. Drink party lasting half an hour, who was he kidding? That was the only way to get him down and he should have been locked up in lunatic asylum. I am sure Cuckoo survived. Internet does help but it is not the end of the world. I have something on this which I will put up in my space a s a p.

    Take care

  18. YUp...very true..I cannot move without net...

  19. Oh we cant manage single day without has made the life so simpler.

  20. Ohh yess, i cant imagine life without internet, its just 10 years old for me, but what an influence it made?

  21. Yes, it is true.
    Life may come to stand still without the internet.

  22. @ nivedithasperceptions : Very true, thats why I can communicate with you. :) Thanks, dear. :) Keep visiting! :)

    @ Ramesh Sood : Thanks for ur kind words! :)

    @ Arv : To compete, it is must. Thanks! :)

    @ SathyaSridhar : So, internet is the fourth basic necessities of life. :) Thanks! :)

    @ Bikramjit : Thanks for sharing ur views! :)

    @ Chanz : Thanks, dear. :)

    @ Hemanth Potluri : Thanks! :)

    @ mago : Yaeh, I have also noticed that persons from Africa and Russia visit very less. Thanks for sharing ur views! :)

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    @ iamyuva : Thanks a lot, for agreeing! :)

    @ Tanvi : Internet has changed our lives. :) Thanks!

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    @ The Chair Speaks : Thanks! :)

    @ ~*. D E E P A .* ~ : These are two situations. One is the phone call from interent company and second my visit to that place for Vastu help. Its by chance that the staff member of an internet company called him when I was there for Vastu help. Thanks for reading! :)

    @ deepa kashyap : Thanks! :)

    @ Rakesh Kadarkarai : Thanks for reading! :)

    @ starry : For speedy work, interent connection is must. Thanks for stopping by. :)
    I will for sure visit again.

    @ PQ : Thanks for ur kind words! :) Very true, life has become immpossible without internet and mobiles.

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  23. People have survived and businesses have thrived without the internet in the past. But today with every other book and work getting digitized, people feel handicapped without the internet. Also, the internet is "the" fastest way to reach out to a worldwide audience in a matter of second/minutes. Perhaps, he is "right" when he said that they felt handicapped without the internet connection. Also, the sheer fact that he mentioned it shows us how relieved he felt after they got it!

  24. @ Vittaldas Prabhu : Very true. Thanks a million! :)

  25. @ Satwinder Singh : Thanks for being my blog buddy. :)