Thursday, May 6, 2010


A guy named ‘Shubham …………(Surname)’ wrote to me on facebook.
You have a nice surname :P

I replied :
Its my name. :) Nice to meet u virtually. :) U can read more about me on

ohh ohk.. i was a little intrigued.. have seen a lot of guys named "shubham", but a girl.. that too the second name :)
nonetheless, its a beautiful name, won't you say that.. lol

your blog is really cool.. keep up the good work..

Yaeh, its a beautiful name given to me by my grand pa. Earlier it was my first name. And at that time nobody had the name 'Shubham' except me. It was an uncommon name. Someone suggested me to change my name with the letter 'ch' so 'Chandrika' become my first name. I didn't remove it as I loved the name 'Shubham'. When all the eleborate processes was done for the name changing then Mr. Somebody told me that it was also wrong as he advised to have a name starting with 'chu' and not 'ch'. So in future I will be changing my name to Chudamani. :-D

Thanks for praises. :)

lol.. thats really interesting :) so probably in future you will be called Chudamani Chandrika Shubham :P don't change ur name too often, or else you might end up with a longer name than Chaminda Vaas :) (i don't kno if you follow cricket but he is supposedly the player with the longest name in the world)

this also tells me u were born before me, coz i have always existed with the name "shubham".. haha..
but i wud agree.. it was an uncommon name when i was born, but can be seen at every nook n corner these days.. shubham banquet hall, shubham boutique, shubham valley restaurant etc etc

Should I have a longer name to break the record or this is sufficently long? :-D


  1. ..this is a nice name and sufficiently good...Shubham is a nice name..its means auspicious no need to keep more ..auspicious names by altering them..:p

  2. You have gotta great name Chandrika.

    And It's fab..!! :D

    Interesting read. I always enjoy your short & intriguing posts.


  3. Ohk. I have a query. Does Shubham mean the same thing as Shubh in hindi? As in auspicious?
    And what does Chandrika mean?
    And what does Chudamani mean?
    So if we put the meanings all together, what will the resultant sentence mean? Please tell me. I am very curious now! :D

  4. I would not meddle with the name too much.. its given to us when we are child and it stick with us..

    and every name is beautiful... so why tamper with something that is beautiful...

  5. yeah..keep the name as it is..
    its really good.
    and also long..
    long names are good..
    like royalty..

  6. Why change when you have such a lovely name?

  7. Why?
    Be happy with such a beautiful well meaning name.

  8. A thought just occurred. How about C. Chandrika Shubham, like C. Northcote Parkinson ? Will kind of sound really unique, and you can then explain the first C when you become famous and they interview you...:-)

    Of course C. C. Shubham is wonderful too....

  9. I have one of the names that is least pronounced right in its total form "Venkatadri"

  10. Let's not fiddle around too much with a name :)

  11. Hi!

    so actually what do we call u? Lol :)

  12. I like your has a good meaning and pure language.

  13. Chandrika Shubham sounds perfect for me, if u ask me. Actually like the Shubham in ur name. :)

  14. Oh, i thought 'Shubham' was your surname and 'Chandrika' was your first name... o, sorry for that... peace!!!:)

  15. HAHAHAHA.nice conversations.but i like your name

  16. whatz in name..! its all about how its called and who is calling it..right!?

  17. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose ! Well you would be the same by any name. sometimes names gives s a certain identity though !

    But the point here seem to be having some interesting conversations on the web !


  18. People got to be careful while having a conversation with you or might end up as a celebrity in ur blog ;)

  19. You write well.. rather weave.. well done.. doesn't matter whatever longer name you may have, people will find ways to call you by making it the shortest one..

  20. मदर्स डे के शुभ अवसर पर टाइम मशीन की निशुल्क सवारी के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें

  21. :) :) chit chat tht u share always bring a smile..
    Anyways I wud only say.. the length of name doesn't matter.. it's the height of the name which matters :)

    In b/w Inviting u to comment on my new poem ..

  22. And I always thought "Whats in the name? After all it matters what you do". So taking it from there, I must say never mind the name, but you write well so continue pouring. Do visit my blog if u get time.

  23. LOL! :-D This is a lovely post. It was a pleasurable read. Now to answer your question, name can do only that much. But of course it does have an impact, I am sure you would agree. But you are more famous because of these intriguing posts in the blogosphere than your name! ;-) That I can vouch for. It is always a pleasure reading these lovely nuggets. Best wishes, ChuChaShu! ;)

  24. that's very funny
    thanks for your comments :)

  25. Ha ha...that made an interesting tale of ur nomenclature.

  26. Chandrika,

    You have a nice and uncommon name, so stick to it. No change.

    Take care

  27. @ Harman : Thanks Harman! :)

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    @ BK Chowla, : Thanks for ur beautiful comment. :)

    @ Ugich Konitari : I liked the idea. :) Thanks for saying that one day I will become famous. :) When they will interview me then I will frankly tell them that this is Ugich Konitari's idea. After that they will be interviewing u and u will become famous. :-D

    @ vEnKy : Thanks for ur views! :)

    @ Rachna : Thanks! :)

    @ Readers Dais : Chandu. :)

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