Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mr. ‘X’ wrote to me on gmail:
Hi... You were always a blogger who never ceased to amaze... How did you manage to be these popular in such a short time?

So what do you do? Homemaker? Or a professional blogger?

I replied:
Hi. Its really nice to recieve a mail from ur side. Thanks for ur kind words. I am popular I never know that. :)
Please read my blogs u will get the answers of ur questions in my blogs. :)

Thanks a ton for ur mail.
Chandrika Shubham

Haha... good marketing technique!!

If I ask u the same questions then what will be ur answers?

I am working as an IT engineer in ……...state.

My favorite pass time is to browse and blog while in office...
Status: Single

Is it too early or too late to disclose his marital status?


  1. sure Mr.X will send u a mail immeadiately after reading this! ;)

  2. ha haha He is going for it he hehe .. they say na Better late then never .. so the poor guy is trying his luck...

    You shud write back SINGLE .. thank god for keeping someone SAFE from you.. single hi raho ... ha ha ha ha

  3. haha this Mr.X surely reads you blog..and till now must have emailed you upon this :P

    Okay on other hand I think he's just being clear and usually work,age,sex,location and status is what usually you start telling before you start on any relationship...generally Internet !

  4. jaja!! estas cosas pasan todo el tiempo en internet! quizá fue demasiado rápido para dar su estado civil pero al menos no podrás decir que no fue sincero!!

  5. After reading this post of yours,I am kind of understanding how you continue to enthral and amaze ur readers!!keep up de gud work!!

  6. all of these people are so desperate for these relationships... damn... and that too in such blunt way...what is this world coming to?

    from dating using orkut/FB now they try dating through blogs....

  7. Chandrika, looks like Blogger is turning another 'relationship hotspot' now. Orkut, FB have become passe now.

    Nice blog post this topic would make.

    But you do amaze readers! That part is true!!!

    Joy always,

  8. Ur blog is too good & it gets enough attention too :)
    keep em comin
    cheers !!!

  9. Well. Most people wont even respond to such mails. And who do u think you are? Poor boy. Is it wrong to love a blogger? :P

    Hey I was just kidding. Have fun. Tc

  10. Be careful about how much you reveal. I know there are all kinds of people in the blogging space. Take care.


    one blog gave all the major answers then... though u din disclose on chat... u revealed it here :P

  12. I dont know, I find such mails quite awkward to answer.

  13. Hmmm.. so everyone waiting for the Mr.X to appear...
    The X stands for Jon and it's me.

    I am surprised that no one would have even thought twice on why I put my status....Not even one thought it in a different perspective. You guys just chewed on what Ms.Self Righteous fed you

    Never mind you guys can arrive at all sorts of conclusions you want to arrive at..I agree that it's your space and I have no business in it...I will put my view at the time and place I choose...Until then enjoy

    @the author...You were brilliant enough not to disclose why I mailed you i the first place...manipulative

    @blunt edges....dude..I have not mailed her yet...

    PS: And since I won't be coming in this place again...if anyone has anything to tell me... You will have to mail me

  14. Mr. Jon is angry!!

    @Jon sometimes innocent questions have to be asked tactfully or else you will be branded a creep, desperate-guy, etc etc..

  15. May be you have received another mail from X already after your reply.

  16. :D) i assume(& hope) your popularity not due to status..althou now i think, you will become more popular..!!)

    Hey How you doin'?
    ;) its neither too early nor too late.. all depends on your intentions..;D)

  17. Way too early girl... !!! He is fast and fast guys are often cuter!!! :P

  18. ignore...

    blogging for fun,
    commenting and posting will be enough.

    one shall not blog for dating mate or love...

    Happy May!


    I posted the awards for May.
    please feel free to take what you want from there.

  20. @ Jon dude, don't take so much tension abt this storm in the teacup

    @ evryone els including the blogger: There is absolutely nothing in the mail that implies that Jon wants to hook up with the blogger. wen u say abt sme1, marital status is a defining character. So ppl,stop ur perverse minds n get on with ur lives...

  21. I think the reply simply is an answer to the question you asked. So it is quite possible that your question was perceived to be asked in a different sense too. So, let's not analyze it much further and let it pass.

  22. Thanks everyone for reading it and special thanks to Jon for adding spice to this post. ;-)