Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A friend?

Cheer day.
I am very happy to meet you,
I know that this mail will find you in good health and also surprised, but I believe God has his own way of bringing people together,
My name is Janet Williams. I'm looking for a reliable person and God fearing, I like you to be my friend and I also seek advice from you that will help me to overcome my present situation,
My dear, please write back to me so I'll explain more about myself and also send you my pictures,
Please do not leave a humble and lonely heart who is looking for his love, because friendship is a foundation to build other relatives good things to come,
God bless you as I wait to read your response,
her Janet.

Today I received this mail from email Id Janet William 'janetwiliam20@yahoo.co.uk'. Should I ignore it as spam or become friend of Janet?


  1. Chandrika,

    Many a times one is duped by such mails but no harm in replying as she may be really in need of someone to listen to her vows but you can always quit if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Take care

  2. Screams "fake" to me ...