Friday, October 26, 2012

Life in a cage?

I drank water from the pot. I didn’t like it as it was warmer because of hot climate outside. Scorching heat made me low. Chirping of birds diverted my attention and I looked towards the sky where I saw three birds exactly like me flying freely. It was only me who was caged and couldn’t fly. The other birds were so happy and lucky and I so unhappy and unlucky!

Suddenly a shikra, a bird of prey came from nowhere and sat on my cage to catch me but couldn’t harm me because of the iron bars between us. It flew away and caught the little one while the other two birds could only scream.

Should I be happy or sad as I live in a cage?


  1. I think freedom is the important thing :)


  2. Chandrika,

    One should never be caged. It is rather better to die in freedom than have luxuries while bonded.

    Take care