Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A quick friend

I always wonder when I will get back home after my educational vacations in Uttarkashi, what I will write about. So many experiences to share, so many persons about whom I wanted to write and so many places I had visited whose attractiveness I wish to blog about. It was my first experience to be away from my home and family. On the first day, I was excited and not at all nervous rather too curious to observe the nature and new people around me. But I will share these experiences later on as I want to begin with my last day in Uttarkashi which touched my heart the most.

Quite surprisingly, I made a new friend in just few hours on that day, contrary to my nature that I am too reserved and too shy to open up with new people that it mostly took me years or a minimum of a month to be friend with someone. What I liked about this person was his sense of humour, his quick replies and his melodious and pious voice which I wanted to hear again and again. In a satsang, he chanted, ‘Om Namah Shivaye, Shivaye Namah Om’ so beautifully and devotionally that my eyes became moist as I was absorbed in the chants and felt the presence of Lord Shiva in those magical words. I had never heard anybody singing so devotionally ever before! And I had never made a friend so quickly!

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