Monday, September 26, 2016

That crazy Selfie Girl!

Whenever I saw this foreigner girl, she was always busy having selfies with the batch-mates, teachers or director. She even enjoyed having selfies with the priest, cook and cook’s assistants. She hadn’t left anybody in the Ashram with whom she hadn’t clicked the selfies with. She was a crazy ‘Selfie girl’!

One day, we were studying a serious topic in the class about the Vedanta philosophy when she noticed a big monkey passing by the corridor at a distance. She was happy like a child. She was excited. It seemed that if she wanted to have a selfie even with that monkey!

Three days before the examination day, she prepared a mock paper which she solved with some of her friends. I was surprised rather shocked to see her uttering all the Sanskrit terms correctly along with their meanings whereas in the class she was not able to understand some of the words in English. To help her, one of her friends translated the difficult words in her mother tongue for better understanding. In the busy schedule of one class after another, surprisingly she found time to click selfies as well as to mug up complex words and theories whereas I couldn’t find time for both.

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