Sunday, September 25, 2016

Conquered my adjustment problems

On my first day in hostel sort of thing, I met a dark n fatty woman who smelt more like a cigarette, a smell that I hate the most! Her face expressions and gestures clearly showed that she was depressed. Most of the questions she asked me were irritating, confusing and weird which most of the time gave me a feeling that she was trying to read my psychology. One more thing that I hate! You won’t believe me but she stunk even after bathing thrice a day. Her presence in my room gave me a feeling that I was living with a ‘Buffalo’.

‘Buffalo’ played a musical instrument once in a while but that sounded horrible. She never flushed after using toilet and if by chance she used it then for sure the flush handle will be jammed. She never closed the door of toilet before and after using it. Whenever I entered the room I found her either sleeping, eating or applying cream or some fruit pack on her face. After eating fruits, she put the fruit peels on the window sill. I found it difficult rather very hard to adjust with her. I was irritated with her dirty actions and my mind was busy thinking about her and her unclean manners. I was fed up with thinking about her.

One day while meditating I prayed to God, “O, God! I came here with so much difficulty You know that very well. I am here to practice yoga and to meditate to think about You and not her. Please help me so that I can adjust with the ‘Buffalo’. I believe whenever I have a problem God comes in the form of written words in a book or internet to guide me. On the very same day, I read a story about Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevanada.

Excerpt from ‘Teachings on Yoga Life’by Swami Vishnudevananda are as follows which I read:-
One evening during silent meditation, there was a loud crash. Everyone looked up and was horrified to see a distressed disciple swinging an axe at Master’s head. Swami Vishnuji, sitting close to the Master, jumped up and pulled the assailant away from Sivananda in a great fury. Master told him later, “Vishnu Swami, you must learn to control your emotions.”
The assailant was taken to jail. But the next day, Sivananda took him fruit and flowers, garlanding his would-be assassin. He had him set free and set a disciple to accompany him home.
This incident was a great learning experience for Vishnu Swamiji. He saw that, to a Realized Master, God comes in many forms. To Sivananda, a person who would take his life was as much as God as a man who would come to garland him. He had great love for both. 

Next day, I found the peels and pips on the window sill of our room as usual but my attitude towards them was changed. I told myself it was done by God. I cleaned them. I felt better after that, could focus easily on my goal and meditated beautifully.

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