Friday, June 14, 2019

Thief! THIEF!!

“Madam, I want to see the CCTV footage as somebody stole my scooty from the parking space of your premises.” Mr. ‘Z’ hurriedly and worriedly told me on the phone.

“Let me talk to the concerned person. I call back you in two minutes.” I put the balm on his wound with my calm voice.

After two minutes, I called him and told, “The concerned person is out of the town and other staff members have left the office as it is 6:15pm. The concerned person will reach the premises tomorrow sharp at 9:30am and will show you the whole coverage from different angles. Please bring your pen drive if you want to save the clippings of the scooty thief.”

“An unknown scooty is parked here, in front of the premises. Whose is it?” He said with a surprise and put the phone down.

After thirty minutes, he called back and elatedly told me, “Madam, I found my scooty.”

“Where?” I asked with a surprise.

“In a nearby area, in front of a house. Somebody took my scooty, leaving his behind.”

“Somebody took it mistakenly or consciously?”

“He didn’t even know that he had made a mistake as he was busy in studying in his room.”

“Were the colour of two vehicles same?”

“Mine was black in colour and his steel grey.”

“The scooty thief was absent minded or colour blind or studious guy?.” I thought.

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