Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green shoes

Mrs. 'T' from Singapore posted on social networking site as :
Today, I am wearing my green shoes. I love my GREEN SHOES! :)

Mr. 'P' commented :
Post the pics. :-p

I commented :
I am coming to Singapore to have a look at your pretty green shoes. :)

Was I serious or kidding?


  1. Serious ,you were in any case going to Singapore and this was only a coincidence

  2. Going to Singapore to see the green shoes!! Funny. maybe you were planning a trip but definitely not for the green shoes. And if you were going to see the shoes, don't miss out on sight-seeing Singapore.

    Well . . .

    Joy always,

  3. kidding... maybe if u r touring singapore, u may see her... my doubt is whether green shoes refer to eco friendly shoes or green color shoes?

  4. This blog is nothing like Ive ever come across..
    yet to get a hang of it though :)

  5. Chandrika,

    Kidding, of course.

    Take care

  6. Why not? I traveled for less.

  7. Not a tough nut ! Kiding ofcourse .. unless.. u r serious :)

    Awaiting your comments on my new poem to see if.. I am as good .. or have I rusted in these 3 months !!

  8. At times I really like the "wittiness" quotient of your posts. Also, the fact that the posts are short and humorous add to the fun.
    Though, on the other hands, the posts sometimes tend to go over my head a little bit. Just like this one about "Green Shoe". Now, unless this is a metaphor for something else, I could make neither head or tail of it [See Tail... Foot... Shoe... I tried to add a pun (a PJ if you may) to it]


  9. You couldn't be serious unless you wanted to kill her :)

  10. now u hv more than 1reason to visit singapore.. ;)

  11. @ everyone : Thanks for ur lovely comments. I enjoyed reading them. :)