Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss or Mrs.

Mr. ‘Z’ wrote to me :

Dear Ms. Chandrika Shubham,

Do my writings reflect that I am ‘Miss or Mrs.’ or does he want to know about my marital status?


  1. What did you reply back.. please tell me YOU DID REPLY :)

  2. What I understand is that MS came into being as women wanted to keep their status a secret.So, why worry as to what he meant

  3. @ Bikramjit : :)

    @ BK Chowla, : Very true.

  4. Your name has feminine tone..and hence he used Ms...I liked what Bikramjit said.

  5. As far as I raed your blog - and it is not very long that I am a reader - I can not see whether your writing reflects you being "Miss or Mrs.". He simply had decide how to adress you. And is possibly a bit curious.

  6. Since you are sharing only the first line, I'm going to quote mistake from the sender's side! There is no malice!

    Are you going to show the rest of the message?

  7. Ms. can be used to addressed a married lady (Mrs.) or an unmarried lady (Miss). Ms. has been long identified as the most appropriate way to address a lady irrespective of her marital status.

  8. i guess people are sneaky..when trying to ask personal questions..

  9. It is a formal address, I too prefer using it because addressing somebody by first name is sometimes showing unnecessary informality. You are also not sure how the other person will take it. [s]he can be senior to you in age, and then it is correct to be a little formal. When in doubt be formal and follow the etiquettes.

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  11. Yep yep.. like Vivek and Yuvika are saying, 'Ms.' is the way to go.. Now it gives me the scare that people could read intentions into that! For I use it all the time :D

  12. Chandrika,

    Minor issue. Ms was started on feminist demand to make one way to address all women, married or otherwise, like Mr. So it does not indicate one wants to know your marital status.

    Take care

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  14. you foscued on 'Ms' i focused 'Dear'..