Thursday, July 15, 2010

In between

Mr. ‘Y’ narrated an incidence from his recent trip to a European country, “One day, I was going for a walk, two guys stopped me and talked in Spanish. I told them I couldn’t understand it. One of them in broken English told, “We are here to spread the message of GOD and talk about your life’s goal.” I noticed then only they were wearing a white T-shirt on which ‘Jesus is Great’ was written. I told them that right now my goal was to have an ice-cream. And hurriedly I left that place before they could understand my goal.”

“Such situations should be avoided and ice cream is the best option for that.” I said.

“One should avoid talking to strangers about politics and religion and one should avoid talking to friends about relationships.”

“Out of the two categories, in which category do I fall?” I asked. ;-)

“Somewhere in between…..” ;-))

“Do you want to be my friend on Social Networking Site?”

Which option he will chose stranger or friend?


  1. being a friend in social networking site is not too difficult... u can be a friend and still remain a stranger...

  2. friend seems to be a better option

  3. I have no idea what Mr. Y will choose.

  4. Too little information to comment!

  5. its not me ...
    strangers can end up being very good frds!

  6. Politics and religion
    writers have metaphores to get around that.

  7. I guess friends ...

    btw ...I love all your posts and I really like the way you express ideas. Are all these real incidents or fiction?

  8. i think social netowrking sites are a waste of time. email the people you care about. or send ecards. why post messages to groups...
    and keep friends away from your blog, otherwise they will keep wondering about your inspirations and you will wonder why they havent commented

  9. Chandrika,

    You said it yourself " In Between."

    Take care

  10. Hello Chandrika interesting blog, i will visit ur blog very often, hope u go for this website to increase visitor.Happy Blogging!!!

  11. @ Everyone : Thanks for reading and commenting. :) Mr. 'Y' chose friend option. :)