Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little things

"Please have a cup of tea." A staff member offered me as a peon placed the cup of tea on the table.
"No. Thanks! I do not drink tea." I replied.
"So you saved my one cup of tea." :-D

Do you think such little things make our lives interesting and humorous?


  1. ya its true.
    a small conversation or just a smile also work to make someone's day beautiful
    and life is full of such sweet, small. things which makes it beautiful, interesting and humorous :) :)

  2. May be yes but surely the reply was exactly what it should have been.

  3. ...yup...absolutely in a major way!!!:D

    Take Care and thanks for droppin'by and checkin:)


  4. As the song goes...Little Things Mean A Lot

  5. yeah... these things lighten our heart and mind... the thing maybe small but the intensity will be large...

  6. True , such small things make our life colorful in fact some such instances also add meaning to our life ..

  7. Yes, it does.
    Humour in such smaller forms everyday is almost like little cups of joy :)

  8. interesting...!! with a pinch of humor..

  9. oh yes small things do matter and i guess ur friend wanted two cups :)

  10. yah sometimes humour relieves us from stress, it's to great to sorround ourself around with humourous people

  11. Maybe yes.

    I'd rather not have that comment at all. Silence would have been better :)

    Joy always,

  12. Little things, gestures, can be important - if both understand them right, as what they are meant. I notice gestures, tones in the voice, how people move, distance or propinquity. I am most certainly giving these too much significance; some ways of behaviour for me simply are rude beyond description, but seemingly normal for others; and if I say something people very often look at me with blank lack of understanding.
    I can not deceide whether it is sheer stupidity or thoughtlessness.
    Conflict is programmed when people come into another Kulturkreis, cultural sphere.

  13. Chandrika,

    It is the little things, which we tend to ignore, are the ones which lead us to happiness.

    Take care

  14. @ Everyone : Thanks for reading and commenting. Special thanks to Shas and Jack. :)