Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birds Charitable Hospital

I visited Birds Charitable Hospital in Sadar, Gurgaon. There are sick pigeons, parrots, bajarigars, love birds and various other birds that are fed, given proper treatment under vet guidance. On curing birds like pigeons and parrots they release them to fly. The birds like bajarigars are adopted by the interested candidates as they can’t be released if done so will be eaten by the birds of prey. There is long waiting to adopt bajarigars.
Pic : For those which can't fly or very ill, need separate unit.

Do I have my name on waiting list to adopt bajarigars?


  1. What ARE "bajarigars"? I tried google translator, babylon and others but found no English or German word for it.

    I very much like those colourful feather balls ...

  2. @ Harman : Thanks! :)

    @ 63mago : Oh! :-O Try budgerigar on wikipedia. :)

  3. Wellensittiche! Thank you for the clarification, Chandrika.
    Are you on the list? Yes, I think so.

  4. Chandrika,

    Very noble of those who are involved in this. Hope you get one soon.

    Take care