Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New additions in my room

“Wow! Bird’s nests with little birds!!” A kid exclaimed on seeing the new additions in my room.
“I bought them from the Trade Fair, Delhi. They are made up of coconut coir.” I said.
“What are their names?”
“I am thinking of naming them but haven’t taken any final decision. You suggest some.”
“You can name them ‘Orange’ and ‘Blue’ as their colors are.”
“That’s too simple. Some thing unique, I was thinking of….like…”
Before I could say anything he uttered “‘Burger’ and ‘Pizza’! My all time favourite!!”

What do you think which one should I name ‘Burger’ and which one ‘Pizza’?” ;)


  1. ... burger and pizza - really? The kid was hungry?
    Other suggestions may be:
    Proctor & Gamble?
    Tit & Tat?
    Lolek and Bolek (two cartoon characters from Poland)?
    Laurel & Hardy?
    Or whatever You prefer.

  2. One can be Chit and the other Chatter...shall inspire you more..long time no see.. hope you will hop on to my page....

  3. Chandrika,

    Children will be children. Choose names which you find attractive.

    Take care

  4. @ All : Thanks and special thanks to 63mago for suggesting nice names. :)