Monday, November 28, 2011

Write for …?

“First ask yourself for what you write for ‘MONEY’ or ‘SELFSATISFACTION’?” Mr. ‘J’ asked me.
“I write for comments. More comments motivate me to write more!” I replied. :)

And you write for what?


  1. Really .. shud have told me earlier I would have made sure i comment each time :)


  2. so that i can have lots of secret admirers

  3. Chandrika,

    Honest answer. I write to share what I experience.

    Take care

  4. I write for my satisfaction...but of course comments are the motivation...

  5. Well Chandrika... we look forward for your comments works both ways dear!
    get motivation and give motivation!
    learn dat from our friend bikram!'
    his comments can be seen at most of the blogs!!

  6. I understand it is about writing blog.
    I'm with Ashok on this one: I write about things that interest me and for my satisfaction, the feedback via comments motivates me - but does not determine about what I write.
    Basically I think we all write to be heared. To be not alone.
    My g+ think is different, it is more or less business, so I write about things that are related to this and for people who are in the same branch.

    Your blog here is unique, because it is basically a place for others, a space You provide for your commentors, a very different approach. I know of only very few other blogs that have this basis. The normal run-of-the-mill blogs do not do this, and it takes a time for the average blogger to understand that the comments do make the blog. To sound not that hypocrit: It took some time for me!
    What I never understood is how people find themselves, gather, flock ... I do not want to miss one of my readers and commentors and feel connected to each and single one individually and different.
    Oh, and this "write for money" is simply crap.

  7. @ Everybody : Thanks and special thanks to Bikramjit. :)