Wednesday, November 30, 2011


In a bar, I saw that on a table a couple was sitting; husband was sipping beer and wife was neither drinking tea, coffee, soft drink, fruit juice or lime water rather she was slowly sipping plain water not even packed mineral water.

Do you think this is discrimination against woman or no?


  1. what? where is discrimination ..
    she doesn't want to drink alcohol..
    and she is trying to give her husband company..

    kuch bhi!

  2. maybe she was in between shots - plain water is good to delay the hangover :D

  3. Just looking at it, at the picture you paint, knowing nothing else - no.

  4. i very much think yuvika is riht...for the sake of equality...we shouldn't drink

  5. Chandrika,

    May be she just wanted that to be with him. So why jump to conclusions.

    Take care

  6. Maybe it was just her choice. Or as someone commented before, she was between drinks and water is good to have in that case. I don't really see any discrimination.