Friday, January 7, 2011

Bedridden woman

Her shrieks disturbed me.

She was a bedridden woman in my neighbourhood who was suffering from past 8 years. She was 72 years old. Her children left their careers to look after her. Though both were very caring and took good care of her even then she cried day and night. Her unbearable pains could be possible for her screams.
Yesterday, she died.

Should I be relieved as she gets rid of all pains or should I mourned as she is no more?


  1. dont know about you.. but i wud mourn cause a soul left the world .. its sad

  2. I would mourn the passing away of any one

  3. In the end it's mourning.
    Anything that takes away payne, especially Morphium, is a good invention.

  4. Relieved, since a soul was liberated off the hardships. Obviously, with a mournful heart.
    *Life doesn't let you be radical/ extremist. It's always a mix of both.

  5. ..Relieved she is free frm all this pain!

  6. @ Everyone : Thanks for your comments.