Saturday, January 22, 2011

Switch off your mobile

Even after repeated instructions of airhostess to ‘Switch off your mobile’, a mobile rang as aeroplane was about to take off. The guy seems to be a villager from Haryana as he was talking on mobile in typical Haryanvi accent.
“Bro, don’t you know that a mobile phone has to be switched off in aeroplane.” A kid said to that guy.

What do you think that that guy was ignorant about this fact or he was ignoring the instructions to grab beautiful airhostess’s attention?


  1. IGNORING and its got nothing to do with being from village ...

    this may sound rude, but when i come on a flight lets say via dubai, All the Indians will listen to every instruction from UK to dubai.. and In dubai.. but when they come across indian AIR.. something happens ..
    No instructions matter.. the plane is taxing , people stand up opening overhead loclers...

    Phones switch on and all this inspite of regulare warning .. People jsut ignore .. but the same people DARE NOT DO THIS the other way round..

    Its all to do with the mentality of CHALTA HAI.. and domestic flights hmm well i had a shock when i travlled for the first time on my holiday in india...

    So yes its IGNORING and even the so called EDUCATED, CITY people do so toooo.. a LOTTTtttttttttt


  2. irresponsible is the word will find even the ones who are regulars in the flights doing the same...they just know how to break the rules,sigh!

  3. You find this behaviour anywhere, it's not limited to India or young people or people from a certain background - someone always thinks the rules are only for the others.

  4. I am sorry to say that..
    its true...Indian mentality is seen when you get a flight from Amsterdam to Delhi...before that everybody behaves like humans!!but moment all Indians get together into the flight ..they are abnormal..aunties will chat loudly flight attendants also gets pissed off...they will move in and out like ..train,no fact Air India is worst..from Toronto to Delhi...people literally fought for baggage compartment...
    this is my personal experience...

  5. Haste!
    Need to get out before everyone, need to inform our (safe) arrival, some important news to be exchanged, well, the reason could be just anything, many more are listed above.
    but we never know for sure what made the chap to do something that wasn’t expected of him unless we had uncounted.
    Hats off to that kid anyway, we need more of such character around us. ask, enquire, encounter that’s the only way to know…. I m curious to know the answer the kid got !!

  6. interesting thing is that most people dont pay much attention to those recorded msgs...

  7. clearly he was ignoring the instructions. drawing airhostess' and other passenger's attention must have come as an added bonus to his ignorance

  8. @ Everyone : Thanks for sharing your views and experiences. :)