Sunday, January 2, 2011

Inactive snake

“Snake! Snake!! SNAKE!!!” All labours shouted in chorus.
“Where?” I enquired.
“There.” They pointed towards a brownish snake with beautiful patterns on it which was lying inactive due to cold weather.
“As I removed this rock, I found it.” A young guy explained to me.
“It won’t say anything. It is inactive because of winter season. Keep doing the work and just a little away from it.”
“We have to dig the land there, it is must.” Another elderly labour said.
“We will not work there if snake it there. We are afraid of it.” All of them spoke.
"They all are scared of this little creature, I must do something." I thought.

I took a solid wooden stick, placed its one end below the body of snake and firmly grasped the other end. Making maximum use of my scientific knowledge of lever, I with full force lifted the snake. And OMG! The snake flew above all of us and hung on a branch of a near by tree. May be I used too much of force. Sigh!

It was still dormant.

Now, what to do?


  1. Now...patience...with eyes on the tree..fruits will come.. HAPPY NEW YEAR, DEAR..

  2. You can try to ignore the snake. Or you take it from the tree and put it somewhere else. What would be only fair.

  3. omg...I had my hairs standing straight!!!how could u do tht?

  4. the last I read, snakes get equally comfortable on trees. SO I guess you did the right thing! :)

  5. Do nothing.
    The snake will also be watching since it will be scared of men [and of course women!]

  6. That is scary and you are brave. You have done enough!

  7. Brave way to start the year:) All the best to u