Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why are you single, Chandrika?

“Do you find the time to see my birth chart?” Miss. ‘S’ asked me.

“I have a glance on your birth chart but can’t find the time to go through it in detail as I was not feeling well from past 15 days.” I replied.

“I have shown by birth charts to hundreds of astrologers. All said that my life’s difficult time started when I was 18 years old and it would remain in my life till I would be 36 years old. My studies, my career and my marriage all are affected due to this, 18 years bad time in my life! The prime time of my life is terrible!!”

“Time changes everything. You will have a good period in 2012. At that time you will have a good career and you may meet your soul mate.” I predicted for her.

“That is too far. By the way, why are you single, Chandrika; is it the worst effect of stars and planets or you can’t find a decent guy for yourself?” She asked.


  1. I think Miss S. did not really expect an answer.

  2. Leave the poor singles alone...don't you think we are wondering that all the time? :P