Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheapest way to ENJOY!

I saw young couple in a park, surrounding a monument. The gal was sitting crossed legs whereas the guy was lying on the green grass. The gal was caressing his hair lovingly, sometimes gave his nose a gentle touch, and moved her hands on his face lightly touching his lips with her fingertips.

She shifted a little and I could notice that his right hand was beneath her shawl which was draped around her upper body. She was wearing a top with front placket opening. The left hand of guy was playing with mobile and right hand with …...

The ticket to enter the park of the monument costs only Rs.5 per person. Is it the cheapest way to ENJOY or there are other cheaper options? ;)


  1. Well, glad to give the first comment.

    This is one of the ways. Other ways include doing worse things in a public park behind the benches or something similar to that. I personally hesitate to even speak about such things on blogs or other public websites for sharing, but sadly that's what we come across in reality. Oh yeah!!

  2. Chandrika,

    This is what happens when we as society become too prude. However PDA beyond certain limit is unacceptable.

    Take care