Friday, July 1, 2011

Delhi Belly

“Give me two tickets for Delhi Belly centre back.” I said at the ticket window of the theatre hall situated in a shopping mall just walking distance from my house.
“Which show?” The guy asked.
“First day first show.”
“Back is full. Middle centre is available. Seventh row from the screen.” He told me looking at the computer screen.
My friend who is almost my age whispered in my ears “Any seat yaar…any seat...for this raunchy and witty movie. I can even watch this movie sitting on the stairs.”
I smiled and said aloud, “Fine. Give those tickets.”
“Actually ma’am it has many abuses and obscene scenes. It is an adult movie and not good for family viewing. Should I give you the tickets?” The guy asked.


  1. I went in evening show and a family left the movie within 20 minutes of starting the movie.

  2. Filth is not the last word for the movie

  3. Yeah!!! Kush did the right thing. And Hemanth is right. Chowla sir is damned correct!!

    Don't bother guys! It doesn't even deserve the tag of Amir Khan Productions.

    Sorry Imran and Amir fans, but that's my personal opinion! He he.

    But you can give credits for the new kind of thoughts, that's it, not more!!

  4. Chandrika,

    Have not seen it. So no comments.

    Take care