Monday, July 18, 2011

My favourite joke

My all time favourite joke is as ..

"Please give me some work. I will do anything." A young guy who was a trapeze artist in a famous circus which was shut down because of lack of sufficient funds required for its running, pleaded.
"Yesterday monkey in our zoo died. You havn't much to do, just wear this monkey dress and do some good trapeze tricks whenever there are children in front of your cage." Mr.'U' employed him viewing his past work experience and handed over the dress.

The young guy was very happy with his work and he did it sincerely.

One day he was super excited and took a long jump and fell on the other side of the cage which was of a tiger. He shivered. He screamed.
"Shut up! Shut up, you fool!" The tiger roared. "You will not only lose your job but I will also lose mine because of your stupidity."

Do you think it is a joke or irony on unemployment?