Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My finger shifted its position as I felt a strong jerk in the moving car caused by a huge pothole. I clicked a wrong link unintentionally. The site, with nude young woman in erotic pose was opened as a result. My car took a left turn and its pace slowed down again. I looked out of the window to examine what happened? A digambar sadhu, Jain monk wearing no clothes was coming with the procession. I bow my head.

Both of them were naked, one was erotic and the other was serene. Why?


  1. Its how we have been conditioned for generations to think or perceive. A feminine body has always been associated with eroticism. Have we ever seen a naked or even partially naked sadhavi? If any sadhavi were to dress up like those sadhoos or bare even partially just imagine the ire that it would draw from people.

  2. Its all with the mind we think and also the god's creation.

  3. As Jaggu saied. It's in your view: All you learned, you expect, tons of cultural forming, biological reactions.
    BTW I think that a naked man walking can only be erotic when he tries to be, mounts or enacts it. The bits are dangling and that's that.
    Erotic is hiding, hinting, insinuating. The holy, naked, man does no way intend to arouse erotic feelings, he is performing another act. His nakedness is there for another reason.
    The naked (young) women are put in scene for a purpose, for a reason, they are tools in the end. Here is the real basis and begin of what once was called "Women's Liberation".

  4. Chandrika,

    It is as per mind of the person. One may admire natural beauty while other may call it erotic. Same for the monk, while one may bow head to a hermit while other may feel it is vulgar.

    Take care