Thursday, June 30, 2011

SMS from unknown number!

I bought a new mobile SIM on Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning I received SMS from an unknown number.
The pain of mising frnds is reaisd when standing somwhere u see some other younger school frnds having fun n u say 2 urself "HUM BHI AISE HI THE" (WE ALSO WERE LIKE THEM)

On Wednesday morning I received another SMS from the same number.
LAW OF FRIENDSHIP : Never make Ur frendz feel alone while U r on Earth.Disturb dem as much as U can. Let dem feel ur presnce!
Show dem U r DAMN ALIVE...!!!:)
Good night
sweet dreams
take care

Do you think I activated some service by mistake (may be clicked some wrong keys) or these are messages sent to somebody else which are reaching me by chance?


  1. well have to think about that and connect all the dots dear..
    blank calls,messages and other stuff is very common in india...never know!!

  2. Chandrika,

    This number could have been surrendered by someone and you are getting these messages meant for him or her.

    Take care

  3. Wonder what they want to sell.