Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Balcony on twelfth floor

On looking down from my balcony on twelfth floor of the building a kid said, “It seems to me that I will fall down.”

Do you live above or below twelfth floor?


  1. "Her blogs are so silly and down-right DUMB" the girl said.

    Do you think her readers are horny because she is a female blogger or do they have pea-sized brains?

  2. ha ha ha hilarious ... !! comment by nameless person above..!! someones is taking things too seriously...
    by the way .. there aint no twelfth floor here.. so..what to do...

    we sing a song..

    "oonchi hai building .."
    "lift teri band hai.."
    "kaise mein aaaooo.."

  3. Below. Watch that kid.

  4. done both :D :D
    why didnt u ask if we live ON the 12th floor ?

    hey , thanks for ur comments .. am glad my paintings brought a smile first thing in the morning ...

    so, thats what MA-GO is about :D

  5. Oh must be fantastic to live on top floors.. I live on the 2nd floor.