Monday, June 6, 2011

Dangerous woman!

“On Sunday night, we had a drinking competition.” Miss ‘G’ told me. “For a foreign delegate Mr. ‘P’ a party was organised, all senior personnel were present even Managing Director of our company. Mr. ‘P’ holds some excellent offers of sale for our company hence an important person who was to be served well. Mr. ‘P’ boasted in the party that he could drink much. Nobody could beat him as his drinking capacity was of very superior class. My boss looked at me and said, “Take good care of him. Will you?” I nodded.”

“The party began with five shots, followed by three bottom ups. After that we all had to drink a glass full of wine. You know Chandrika, when vodka is mixed with wine in stomach then results can be …… So I didn’t take it rather plainly lied that that this glass of wine was not mine rather someone else. I had already finished mine. Uncountable bottles of beer were consumed by me and Mr. ‘P’ as we were the last two contestants.”

“Next morning, I reached my office on time and Mr. ‘P’ was still having hang over and couldn’t wake up till afternoon. When he returned back in this world, his first response was to know about me. It was revealed to him that I was in my office, working. He could only utter, “Dangerous Woman, she is!!!” ”

Do you think she is a dangerous woman or smart woman?