Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 Options

An anonymous reader from Australia commented on my earlier posts whose links are given below.
Comment No.1
Comment No.2
The same anonymous person wrote a comment as A Wellwisher :)
Comment No.3

Recently anonymous commented on my previous post as
"Her blogs are so silly and down-right DUMB" the girl said.

Do you think her readers are horny because she is a female blogger or do they have pea-sized brains?

My reply :
Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for being my regular reader. Out of the 2 Options suggested by you which one you chose for URSELF? ;))


  1. Chandrika,

    Take everything in stride.

    Take care

  2. what an ass. if he or she doesn't find it interesting, let them not read the blog.
    i for one, tho i rarely ever comment, find it very intriguing how you make your posts interesting with just a few lines and a question mark.

  3. I am not a regular reader. Though (for your entertainment), if I was one, I would have chosen the second option since the first just makes me a lesbian *ewww gross*.

    I did come back to see if my comment was taken offensively, because it was made in jest, that's how I am.

    I'm getting the picture that you have lost your sleep for it, so I am sorry.

    As for your brilliant detective work, neither am I from Australia, nor did I make the other comments. You better get on it quick Sherlock Holmes. LOL..

    See ya later mate!