Sunday, June 19, 2011

Give me ONLY one tava!

“You have three tava (a large convex disc shaped griddle made up of iron used for making chapattis)!!!” A four year kid exclaimed. He was curiously opening the cupboards of my kitchen while I was preparing tea for her mother who was comforting herself in air conditioned drawing room. On seeing three tava lying side by side in shelve out of which one was used for cooking chapattis, one for roasting sweet potatoes and the other one with a flat bottom used for cooking dosa. “We have only one! Give me ONLY one tava just ONLY one. I will take it to my home then we will have two tava and you will also have two tava.” He requested cutely.

What do you suggest should I give him one tava or should make a sweet excuse to refuse?


  1. You could tell him to stop rummaging through your drawers, sweetly.

  2. kids and their tales make a small incidence worth remembering.

  3. Chandrika,

    Children are much smarter these days and can understand what you say. So explain use of each TAVA and I am sure she will make her mother buy ones needed at their home.

    Take care