Monday, June 20, 2011

Thankless job!

“I have put on weight. I do regular exercise even then it is not reducing.” An elderly lady complained.
“What exercise you do?” The doctor asked.
“I do all the kitchen work own my own.”
“It is not considered as an exercise. Regular morning/ evening walk are considered as regular exercise.”
“What is the use of doing kitchen work all the time as it is a thankless job?” She vent out her frustrations.


  1. ...hmmmn..well, for me household chores including kitchen works are simple ways of stretching your muscles as for me who's not so fond of doing workouts and jogs in the morn....hehe..


  2. I like to do my kitchen. It's small enough ...

  3. ok i am so lazy..

    dekho baarish ho rahi hai..

  4. Chandrika,

    Doing all household work including sweeping, laundry apart from kitchen work may have helped. However walks are needed apart from that.

    Take care

  5. That is not going to reduce weight! Better follow the doctor's advice. :)