Friday, June 17, 2011

Speaking to a cloud

While walking on the roof of my house, I had a strange feeling when I looked at the sky full of clouds. The sky had numerous of them; of all shapes, sizes and colours varying shades of grey, white, cream and orange. A tiny cloud in ochre robe considerably above the horizon appeals to me. I spoke ‘Hi Tiny’. My voice distracted it. It looked up from the laptop on which it was working. It smiled innocently.

“Do you know when my grandpa was young he wrote a poem in Urdu on talking to clouds?” I started the conversation.
“How could I? It’s a family trend.” It winked and then smiled a little more.
“He didn’t publish his work as he later on came to know that Kalidas had written ‘Meghdoot’ about talking to clouds. Although his work was different but he felt that it would give an impression of copying. So, his work remained unpublished.”
“He could have written blogs as I do.” It grinned. “You could read my musings at” It winked twice.

Have you ever felt that you are speaking to a cloud?


  1. when one doesnt find answers to simple questions,clouds could give a sense of relief

  2. I tried, but it did not listen.

  3. Chandrika,

    Looking at clouds with so many shapes makes one speechless.

    Take care