Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kartiki missing!

When Kartiki was twenty eight days old, she entered my room while I was busy in completing my project report.

Near about half an hour passed and I couldn’t see or hear anything from her side which worried me. I searched her under my bed, behind the furniture and below the settees. I couldn’t find her.

By chance she went out of my room while I was absorbed in my work therefore I searched her in each and every corner of the house. And I couldn’t find her. I decided to do my remaining home work. My school bag was horizontally placed along the wall. I opened its flap and found her sleeping over my books.

She is no more. This is 300th post dedicated to her.


  1. rest in peace Kartiki


  2. oh so sorry to hear about that. such a cutie.

  3. Congratulations to you for the threehundrest post, Cahndrika!

    MAy Kartiki rest in peace.

  4. Chandrika,

    They always find a good place to rest. May she be blessed with eternal peace in heaven forever.

    Take care