Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lost my book

“Return my favourite book if you have read it.” I said to my friend.
“A day before yesterday, I took it with me on my Mumbai trip so that in the journey I could read it. On my returning flight after complete reading, I placed it in the pocket of the front seat. I forgot to take it out. Sorry yaar.”

Should I scold him for misplacing my favourite book or should I be happy as someone else will be reading that book?


  1. Don't scold him. Once a book goes out of hands, it is as good as lost...

  2. What is the point of scolding.. Whenever such cases used to happen with me as a kid, the first thought I used to get was to ask that person to get the same book for me. But I never asked them to get one because I didn't see any point in that.. If its gone then its gone..

  3. Coincidence. Just (some minutes ago) was writing to a friend about

    I once lent a book I loved to a friend who never gave it back. He died years ago. I found the book (same edition, out of print for years) accidentially months after his death.
    Then I read it again.

    If it's only about the text, there are libraries, archives, where copies are stored.
    If it is about this one and specific exemplar - do not give it away.
    So be happy, if you can ... :)

  4. Moral of the story, Never ever lend your books to any one

  5. People always have good intentions and then these things happen and you can't help but be ticked off....I would just not lend anymore. nice to visit again.

  6. Chandrika,

    Very irritating but what is the gain in scolding? Never give another book to that person again.

    Take care

  7. @ Everyone : Thanks for expressing your views! :)