Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daily Workout

What a busy life, we all have! And we did all the activities from morning till evening but we can’t find time for our exercise routine. We put a cut there as it is the easiest to do and in the long run most harmful to do. Like breathing, eating and drinking is important so is exercising for our body. We have to find a few minutes to keep ourselves in perfect shape and health. Here are some exercises one can do when one wish to do exercise but have less time.

  1. Exercise for whole body – With this exercise the whole body is warm up. You can start from three per day and slowly and gradually can increase it up to 100 per day. A quick way to remain fit. My advice is not to start with more than ten per day as the muscles will stretch and will result in fatigue and light pain in body. Go slow like a tortoise to be a winner.
  2. Exercise for waistline – Easy exercise to reduce fat around the waist.
  3. Exercise for stomach – Those who want to reduce fat around the stomach, can do these workouts daily. Those who have back pain are advised not to do these exercises as there is forward bending in it.  

Do these exercises daily to stay fit! :)

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