Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Simple tips for baby’s skin care

Have you ever touched a newly born baby? Do you want to touch that soft skin again and again? A newborn’s skin is too soft, sensitive and delicate. To maintain that softness parents must give special attention and care to baby’s skin. Parents should keep in mind the following points:-
  1. Only baby products should be used on baby’s skin. No adult products should be used as they can harm baby’s sensitive skin as adult products contain irritants and allergens. Powder and lotion should be avoided on baby’s skin until and unless recommended by the doctor.
  2. Do not bathe the baby too frequently as it can results in loss of natural oils that protect the skin which may further lead to the attack of allergen or eczema. Bathe the newly born baby once or twice a week. Baby clothes should be made up of tightly woven cotton fabrics. The cotton material is soft and good for baby’s sensitive skin. It is comfortable and durable. Wash the new outfits of baby before the baby wears them as they can harm the sensitive skin of the little one. Baby’s clothes should not be made up of synthetic materials or their blends. Parents should avoid fancy clothes and accessories for babies as they may harm baby’s sensitive skin.
  3. Laundry items should be selected cautiously for washing baby’s clothes as they may cause irritation to baby’s sensitive skin. Fragrance and dye free washing agents should be selected. Baby’s clothes, bedding and blankets should be washed separately from family’s laundry. Try to rinse the baby’s clothes an extra time to remove laundry residues.
  4. These days, markets are flooded with different types of brands of diapers. Parents are advised to select the diaper for the baby very cautiously. The diapers should be soft and good absorbent. Change the diapers frequently. Diapered area is sensitive area needs extra care. Cleanse the area not with wipes but with cotton balls and a bowl of water.
  5. Protect the skin of newly born from the weather and insect bites. Whenever parents go out with the baby, they should cover the baby properly according to the weather. In summers, cover the baby’s head, arms and legs properly to protect the baby’s skin from the hot winds. Baby’s clothes should be of light colour as light colour reflects heat. In winter, cover the baby’s head with cap or scarf, hands with mittens and feet with socks. Put the mosquito net around the baby when he is resting and sleeping. It will protect the baby’s skin from mosquito bites.

Parents should try their best to keep baby’s world soft and safe.

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