Saturday, November 19, 2022

Guidelines for a Group Meeting with Om Swamiji



In the group meeting, all the points are to be followed as I have already mentioned in guidelines for a personal meeting with Om Swamiji plus these that I am writing here.

 1. Which gift should I buy for Om Swamiji? This thought came to my mind when I was travelling to Sri Badrika Ashram to meet Om Swamiji for the first time. Which gift I took for Him; let it be a secret! If you are going to Sri Badrika Ashram and meeting Om Swamiji for the first time, then this question must have arisen in your mind. A legendary executive pen, a writing set, a moon lamp, a fragrant flower, a baby pillow, a box of sweets or chocolates or any other decorative item you would like to present to Him. To select an appropriate gift, you must have been surfing online gift selling sites or keenly searching gift shops to choose your kind of present. However, my recommendation would be to take some dry twigs. Ya, you hear me right, dry wood which is known as samidha. In ancient times, whenever a disciple first time went to meet the Guru, he took the samidha to offer his Guru. If Guru accepted the disciple, he also accepted firewood as a present. 

      2. Take a pen or pencil along with a piece of paper with you to note down the important points suggested by Him. As in a group meeting there will be around ten persons, if each asks one question then a total of ten questions. It will be difficult to remember answers to all those questions but if you jot down important points then it will be easy for you to recall those gems of wisdom later on. Moreover, you will also be able to share them with others.

      3. You have to raise your hand to ask questions, or you can ask when your turn comes you have to decide on the spot as I have never attended any group meeting with Him, and these suggestions are based on others experiences of attending group meetings.

     4In a personal meeting you get only 2 minutes time but in group meetings the time may vary from 10-20 minutes depending upon how good questions the group members ask. 

It hardly matters how much time you get in His presence, but you must enjoy each and every moment spent in His Divine presence. You can bask in His fountain of love that you will experience in His presence. You are lucky, as many are still waiting in the queue and have not got the chance to meet Him in either group or personal meeting.

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  1. Jai Sri Hari, I loved this post especially the point of brining twigs. I'm wondering what other group members be thinking when I'll be gifting these twigs to swami ji.

    1. Jai Shri Hari! They will be thinking that you are a genius! :D Moreover, they may ask you to lend a few twigs to them so that they can also offer wood. ;) :D Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! :)